Chariot of the Gods

Chapter 1: An ominous rumbling

It is 10 years after the events of False Apocalypse and the resultant abating of The Source. Sea level has fallen dramatically and in some places new land has arisen. The Bustling Frontier Town of New Hope has sprung up in just such a place off the Coast of Midguard, a powerful Kingdom in the Tempor Region. Many dangers await the Frontiersmen, The Ravages of Nature, Beasts, Bandits, and unscrupulous Pirates and Merchant princes.

Midguard, however, has for political purposes not extended it’s territory to envelop the town or any of the new lands, instead paying heed to a rabble of Diplomats sent from The Flotilla, Point Fury, And the Light House. Each City-state claims decent of the original inhabitants of the region and have all claimed the territory as their own. Midguard had previously been providing protection to the town as a neutral party, but when Ambassadors start turning up dead one after the other, Nobody can trust the intentions of Midguard who would gain if all the legitimate heirs were to drop out of the running. In order to save face, Midguard pulls back it’s troops as a show of continued neutrality.

The Founder and Mayor Of NewHope has put out the Call. NewHope is in need of soldiers, and quickly. Redgar The Mad, Pirate Lord, has had his eye on Newhope for use as his new port of call and will not miss this opportunity. Money, Titles, and other opportunities await those stalwart enough to take their place as the Stalwarts of New Hope.

Chariot of the Gods